16 December 2010

Roz Running for Nat Geo People's Choice Adventurer of the year

The informaition that I have accumulated over the years, I have been happy to keep to myself. The sole reason to begin this blog was to promote two things that are important for me. Preserving the beautiful outdoors and promoting my fellow adventurer and dear friend Roz Savage. (She can scream louder than me).

I believe that if people do not enjoy natural beauty and be in awe of some of the spectacular things that happen on any given day outside, that it will become unimportant. Once set aside, the outdoors will perish to people who pollute, poach, encroach, landfill, drill, hunt and net in our name due to our lack of awareness of where it comes from and where it goes to. Something pretty short sighted for a "intelligent" culture.

She is currently making much headway in making the 2012 London Olympics Plastic Bag Free.

see www.messageinthewaves.com for more information about our plastic pollution.

Roz has an international acclaim and a pretty sweet record being the first solo woman to row across that Pacific Ocean. Please read the link below and vote for her.

I plan on keeping this blog filled with lots more information about enjoying the great, yet pivotal times that we live in, and hope that you will return the gesture by being aware that we collectively have a price and a carbon footprint.

Please vote for my friend Roz. It would make her message of inspiration and ecology so much easier to spread. It costs nothing and no information from you is needed. Thanks, Happy Holidays


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