24 February 2012

Blog explanation:

For eleven years I have been taking the new interns of the University of California Medical Center, Emergency Department whitewater rafting. I welcome them to their first year as physicians in our residency program by telling them how not to miss out on their experiences here. And I share with them all sorts of fun, historical or explanatory information as we go blasting down the American River.

Well a few of them and several of my friends suggested I write a book. ... As if I had time to write a book!

So this is it! ... Whenever my muse and time converge, I add more to my working draft of a book, this blog.

I am shamelessly also pomoting my friend Roz Savage at www.RozSavage.com because she ties in the ecological message so much better than I ever could. The confluence of me writing a book about my Northern Califonia adventures and meeting and planning Roz's events in the US resulted in what you have now.

I write sporadically and according to the season so please see past posts to find the "chapter" or season of adventure that you would like to plan for. Please feel free to share any information you find enlightening. I believe the better we understand our world/planet/earth, the better we cultivate our relationship with her.

Recently, I have turned some of my blogs into video: Here is one about going to Hawaii!


Cheers, Enjoy and Share. More to come...


Jay Gosuico


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