24 July 2011

Berkeley Kite Festival 2011, July 31 and August 1


I have made it super easy. Just click on the above link and put www.RozSavage.com in the comment section of the narative.

Here's what's coming up...

see http://www.highlinekites.com/ (Highline Kites)

for the Berkeley Kite Festival. a free and must see event. This year will have over 100 house size kites (as big as parade baloons and derigibles) Free shuttle and easy to take public transportation... bring windbreakers and an extra layer.

Upcoming posts will have the Bats of Davis and the beginning of migration patterns including the monarch butterflies, salmon as well as tule elk. Fleet week and how to bike around San Francisco Bay in one day.

It is time to start planning your adventures in autumn. you should know of the fire look out stations and light house hostels that you can stay at.

All free information if you would support my friend Roz.

Roz is halfway through her Indian Ocean row and can be easily found on facebook, her website or via twitter.

more fun stuff on the way!

I can be now found on facebook under

Jay Go outsidejay@gmail.com

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