03 August 2011

Holy Mosquito Trap, Batman! The bats of Davis August and September at sunset.

Holy mosquito trap Batman!

The Bats of Davis

Did you know you live very close to one of the biggest colonies of bats in the world. They live under the Davis-Sacramento causeway and come out every night in summer nine minutes after sunset(you are able to set your watch to it!). If you are able to, schedule a tour using the information below.



sneak peak: Bat Ribbons consist of millions of bats.


Here are some helpful hints.
It gets dusty following cars on gravel, don't wash your car prior. (see "drains to river" when washing car)
Bring a flashlight for when heading back home in the dark.
Bats LOVE mosquitoes, but bring repellant just in case. I doubt that you will need it.
It is a good bike ride.
If you are into marsh lands this place is cool.

Next up: University Falls, natural rock slides and waterfalls.

Roz is day 92 in the Indian Ocean

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My friend Kyle of Surfing for Change with SurfRider Foundation, Story of Stuff and Jack Johnson... all helping me out!

You may be the leader you are waiting for!
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