07 August 2010

meteors and starfire, asteroids and satellites

Tuesday through Saturday August 10 to August 14 10pm to 0400am

NO moon night on Tuesday August 10, 2010

Persied Meteor showers Peak on Thursday August 12, 2010

They will be visible anytime August 10 thru the Saturday the 14

Best from 10 pm to 4 am (from 12-60 shoots per hour)

Best from lake side in foot hills or sierra granite (no trees) summit

Kayak or Hike under StarFire!

Bring warm clothes.


The Earth in its orbit travels through two large asteroid belts every

year. We are currently traveling thru near center of the largest one

The Persieds, coupled with the NO moon night, producing more shooting stars than ever! (well every

300yrs or so)

I believe finding a kayak in campground like the ones in Lake Sonoma

and Cherry Lake, Wright's lake, Echo Lake and Fallen Leaf Lake are

best for this but any area clear of trees and lights can make this an

unforgettable show. Maybe a fire look out station for those who don't

like water. We use satellites now so many of them have turned into

remote camping destinations. Airstrips or Observatories.

Squaw Valley will be hosting an event at high camp just above the tram ride:


***Bonus information: when to look for satellites (an hour after sunset)

We (the earth) is in the shadow. The Satellites are still in high

orbit and reflect the suns rays down to us via their solar wings

because they are still in the sun's direct path.They will be the

opening act.

And finding constellations (often too difficult due to the shear

number of stars above) can now be done thru apps such as starwalk for iphones and google sky

maps for androids. It took me twenty years to learn what Kasey downloaded in 8 seconds for free

Vietnamese noodle soup in a thermos makes this adventure an ideal

summer adventure! :) but top ramen will do



enjoy. and thanks

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