26 July 2010

angels above angels below, Fleet Week Spectacular. early October

7-12 October 2010 with the ninth and tenth being the weekend

As mentioned in an earlier post, this is the absolute best time of the year to be on the bay.
The lack of temperature gradient means sunny beaches and mild evenings without much breeze. Find secluded beaches all along the coastal waters.

Columbus Day Holiday is the most festive celebration that the City has in store for you.

The Blue Angels overhead and Angel Island under your feet!

Take the Vallejo Ferry with your bikes and ride around fisherman’s wharf, you can visit Sausalito, Tiburon and Angel Island all in a day using bikes and ferry combinations. Discover the rich history of Tiburon and San Francisco Bay.

You are welcome to borrow any number of my books as this is all I did when the surf was bonk… learn about the history of the Bay so that I may one day become a kayak tour guide… well those days are quickly passing, but I still have the books to boot around and better even still you have youtube and google and wikipedia!

Did you know you can camp at Angel Island, underneath the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge just west of the span! You can help give breathing treatments to sick seals and even learn to teach a Harbor Seal how to swim? Camping exists at the Presidio as well as clothing optional beachesJ There is a secret town known for the towns’ people taking down the sign. So in 1968 CalTrans stopped putting up signs of how to get there. Tiburon during the prohibition was a speak~easy. Vigilante law came from the original developers of The City. It was the place to go to if you were trying to hide from the law. The prominent families divided the city into vigilance districts. Those districts still exist today (Cole, Richmond, Noe, Castro). Point Reyes as over 470 different species of birds. Tidepooling. There is a (pretty rocky place) that natural hot springs empty into the sea. Mt Biking at Mt Tam. Stargazing at Mt Diablo. Kayaking to boat in camp grounds at Lake Sonoma on a full moon night. There are even lighthouses that you can spend the night at.
Forts to protect gold ships were turned in to cannons aimed against Japanese invasion and then turned in to Nike Missle Silos aimed against the commies! All the while co-ops like REI and Whole foods started ironic grass roots movements. … And a beautiful rebuilt historic Lifeboat station complete with beneficial haunting ghosts of the heroes that once kept men from peril. I could spend years rambling on (I am at jury duty as of this writing) about the intricacies and details of the City and its surrounding lore.


Travel is the enemy of bigotry, narrow-mindedness and prejudice. Mark Twain

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