18 July 2010

July 31 Berkeley Kite Festival

July 31st and August 1, 2010

22nd annual Berkeley Kite Festival 

Kites aren't just for kids!

At the Berkeley Kite Festival a awesome surprise awaits around every corner. 
In one open-air amphitheater you’ll find multi-line competitions of the Bay Area Sport Kite League. In another you’ll find events and other competitions, such as the candy drops and rokkaku battles. Look to the north and you will see the traditional kites of our special guests from the Sode-cho Kite-Flying Society of Hamamatsu, Japan. In the upper field you’ll enjoy the giant creature kite show of the Berkeley Kite Wranglers.
Just up the hill, visitors can get hands-on demonstrations of all the latest products from Ozone Kites, Revolution Kites and Prism Designs. Backing up the demo fields is the giant HighlineKites.com tent, where you can get the best kites. Behind the kite tent you’ll see hundreds of kids enjoying the free kite making and behind them, a designated area along the ridge for families and their kites. Each area of the festival will give you a different taste of what kiting has to offer.

100 Ginourmous house size colorful kites as big as parade balloons ... !!!

The event is very near The Berkeley Marina and is easily accessible by bikes, walking, and even kayaking and of course kiting or sailing:) it's a free festival so bring the family, dogs, kids and personal kites. 
There is a host of secondary options also... including touring thru Berkeley, taking the ferry from Vallejo yada yada yada... just layer up because the Bay Area Fog is sure to chill in the evening.

as always; youtube or google any of this for up to date info and changes in their plans or to see how spectacular this event is.


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