09 July 2010

july: the winds

July: the winds 

the wind in San Francisco doesn't blow it sucks:

 When hot air rises over the desert that begins in Sacramento and ends way down in Mexico. Cold air is sucked in from the open coast.

There are two funnel spot and before the Golden Gate bridge was built Mt Tam and Twin Peaks. It funnels a blast of cold air air up the delta. 

The hotter it got in the daytime in sacramento, the colder and foggier it is in the bay. 

The great news is that after the heat of the day, we are rewarded by a predictable “Delta Breeze” and a resetting of the climates at night for superb and consistent early morning hikes to watch the sunrise.

So make sure to head to the foothills and go to the cool summit hikes, lakes and river adventures. Then head down back to Sacramento for the cool evenings out with your friends... The kids are  out of school... you have sooooo much more daylight to get further out and really explore the Northern California that I have been trying to get people to see for 20 years!
Rafting is predictable and super fun!

Remember, tv makes more money the longer they can get you to "stay tuned" ... turn it off!!!


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