07 July 2010

On Visiting Hawaii :)

  • The wet season is from November thru March- more waterfalls!!
  • The hurricane season is from June thru November- cheaper fares and larger discounts
  • The whale migration season is from December to April.
  • The “tourist season” is from December thru March- Prices increase during this “peak season” for tourists. Best times to go based on weather alone are September and October, as well as April and May...(but there are less waterfalls on the road to Hana).
  • Tourists from Japan usually visit Hawaii the last week of April and the first week in May. (A cultural holiday for them…kinda like our summer break from school, called “Golden Week”).
  • Waves are bigger November thru March and smaller June thru September. So it depends on how good of a surfer you are or if you are trying to learn.
  • If you are from California or the mainland, watch the sunrise on the summit of the volcanoes on day one of your visit. The locals have to get up at four in the morning to drive up to the top to see the sunrise. Since you are on CA time, then it’s like waking up at seven for you! Watch the sunrise then take a nap on the beach and wake up on Hawaii time :)
  • Watching the sunset from the mountain top is very sketchy as the sun warms the humidity and often forms a cloud layer to obstruct your view. But sunsets from the beach are absolutely perfect!
  • Google the“Green Flash” phenomenon. It’s pretty dang cold up at the summit at sunrise so go to a thrift store here on the mainland, buy a cheap winter parka, watch the sunrise in Hawaii , then donate your cheap parka to a thrift store in Hawaii. Another tourist will buy it from there.
  • Plankton follow the light (of the moon at night). On a NO moon night, they head towards the lavish hotels we have built close to shore. The hotels have many lights pointed directly into the ocean. The Kona Surf Hotel is the one I like in particular. Giant Manta Rays feed off plankton. On a no moon night, they migrate towards the hotels also (so they can scoop up food easily). Go to Jack’s Diving Locker and dive shop and shell out a whopping $145 to goto a “beach” fifty five feet under water under the silhouette of the Kona Surf Hotel. Turn on the massive flashlight that they provide for you and you will have the GREATEST underwater aerial show imaginable!!! Giant Manta Rays have wingspans between 12 and 15 feetlong!
  • Enjoy!!

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