10 July 2010

Spicy... Oh Yeah... SummerTime!

All of your equatorial countries eat spicy foods... Thailand, Africa, Middle East, India, Jamaica, Mexico, etc

None of your Norwegian Countries put black pepper on their foods.

Spicy foods is a potent vasodialator, and it makes you sweat WithOut working... therefore it is passive air conditioning and super sweet in arid hot parts of the world.

I found this out the hard way after spicing it up a notch and heading to ski patrol.... I thought i was coming down with something cos i could not get warm... sat and literally chilled all day. then I remembered what I had eaten as I was spicing it up some more at lunch.... the next day came the "doh" moment cos I was back to normal and still  scratching my head about what was all that about....go figure.

You drink because your brain (baroreceptors) tells your kidneys (not everyone is an md here) that your body is dry(remember the vasodilation part). So you pound down the glasses of water chauvanistically....

wanna jump into a long surgical procedure... eat spicy foods and limit your drinking (if you can) and you will not have to stop for a pee break... be diligent about the use of this advise :)

In the Sacramento SummerScape... eat a spicy brunch in preparation of the warm afternoons but bring a jacket in case the delta breeze makes your body shiver. It usually cools of in the evening times here so be ready for the change in your body's reaction.

Vasodilation is a good way to "tank up" and prehydrate making some of the weighty water in your pack less necessary... (don't go overboard with this knowledge).

You should still be peeing six times a day.. that means three times before lunch... if you are not... you may not be ready for the adventure you signed up for... which in turn not only endangers you, but endangers your rescuers also.

cool? yup Chill! ~

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